Bed and breakfast hotel

The Hotel is located centrally within the tourist area and has cosy single-room, double-room and smaller-suites. All units have their own shower and bathrooms and has easy access to nearby cooking facilities. Near the hotel, there is also a large play-ground for children and facility for grilling.


Rorbu and Cabins

Good offers

We have varied offers for overnight stays. Our largest rorbu's are fitted with two bed-rooms with room for three persons each and have showers/WC, kitchen and living-room. You can choose if you would like to have us prepare the bedding or not. The camping-cabins are smaller and somewhat sparingly equipped and can be rented for a very reasonable price. A straight-forward and cheap alternative to sleeping in a tent if the weather becomes more challenging.


Modern facilities

We have modern facilities for camper-vans, camping and boat-tourism with most facilities you should need for your vacation in Lofoten.


Picturesque yet personal landscape

The camping-ground has modern sanitary facilities with good access to electrical power. We have approximately 100 caravan/tent lots available, yet in spite of its larger size, the area appears to be cosy as it is carefully divided into smaller private areas along the sea-shore. Most of these facilitates easy access to electricity. The camp-ground has its own service-house which caters for basic cooking and other camping needs.